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Webpage | Instagram | Facebook Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot How long have you been photographing?

I remember the first cameras that were in my house, my mother always collected moments and treasured them in hundreds of albums.
In my house there was always a camera. Then the digital ones appeared and that was another world… It was fascinating to discover them immediately and to find a new dimension to experiment with.  But it was during my university (2004), when I began to study photography that I bought my first Canon reflex 35 mm…  Since then I have never been separated from the cameras, of all types. I find such beautiful machines in their mechanics, especially analogous ones.

Do you still have your first picture?

It must be in some box with hundreds of negatives that I left in my native country, Chile. I don’t know if it was the first one, but I remember the moment as one of the beginnings in my fascination for photography. I went to photograph my grandmother at the cemetery when she was visiting her father. I did it secretly once a month. Today she is gone, so the photos will immortalise her rite for the future. I remember using a black and white film hp5 from Ilford.

What are your favorite motifs, rather people or architecture?

I really like to photograph people, I’m not much into landscape or architecture, the presence of people contextualizes me, gives action and emotion to the photo. For me the photo with people always has crossed feelings, on the one hand the people in front and on the other hand the personal. These are all mixed. I remember each of my feelings that I felt when I took the picture and at the same time the person in front also has his, there is an exchange, it is a unique moment.

Better black/white or color and why?

Depends, I like both. I love black and white, the message is more concise, more of the form. In color we have more information to process to see the photo. Lately I’ve been into light and colors, because in the club they are an important element that I use in my photographs. I imagine it really depends on the moment in which we are exploring.

What do you think of Instagram?

A catalogue, a portfolio. At least that’s how I use it. I remember that at the beginning of instagram it was the only social network that I found interesting, because I could instantly show something I was seeing, in a simple visual way, without words. I played for a while… then it changed and the new personalities and their selfies began to emerge and I thought it was pathetic. Anyway, I still use it as a portfolio and I follow some interesting people :). It’s fundamental in my paid work today. Today artists need social networks on a daily basis.

What are your role models, if you have any?

my grandmother, in silence, always motivated me to develop my artistic and aesthetic concerns. I never understood it until now when I look back at her behaviour. She never pressured me, she only motivated me to look at the world from the perspective of beauty, to leave something in this world, to turn ordinary moments into beautiful artwork.

What is your favorite blog or website about photography?

I don’t have, but I follow some accounts in instagram. I also think fashion/photo magazines are beautiful. 🙂

What was the last exhibition you visited?

The one of a painter friend in his workshop in Neukoll. The truth is that I’m not much of an exhibition visitor. But I went to some fabulous ones in C/O Berlin.

Where have your works been shown before?

I did an expo with a collective last year in a popup gallery at wedding, I exhibited some photos I took during 2017/18 in some clubs in Berlin. But more than anything my photos are used in social networks as a promotion. I’ve done a lot of personal work, with independent artists, but that’s another story, for now I don’t like to mix, I show specifically my work for the Berlin night.

Do you keep all your pictures in RAW format, or do you find this unnecessary in the internet age?

Yes, of course. All raw backup is first saved on a hard drive, then I make a second selection in lightroom. Especially working in the club, as there is little light and I don’t use flash, it is necessary to have all the information in the archive to be able to work on them later.

Can you imagine that your pictures no longer appear in a gallery as print, but only on screens?

It’s already happening, but at least I’ll keep shooting analog, I think that all the romanticism behind it is unmatched, at least to me it still seems more interesting than digital.

Do you still use analog cameras and if so why?

Yes, always. I have different brands and models. As I said before, everything about this technique is amazing; the beauty of the machinery that is needed and the simplicity and expertise that must be learned to have infinite results that never cease to surprise. In the end all the dedication and love that we put into this rite results in the final piece that we show to the universe.

Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot

Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot

Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot

Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot

Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot

Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot

Berliner Fotografen Diegeo Castro ItsNotAnotherShot