Berliner Fotografen: Sabrina Jeblaoui

Sabrina Jeblaoui

How long have you been photographing?

I started photography in 2011 when I was 18 years old. I bought my first camera in NYC. I was there for a 2 months internship. I spent all my free afternoons photographing street styles in SoHo because I used all my money to buy this camera and I could not do anything for the last 2 weeks.. lol. I started a blog on Tumblr which was called FashionWorldIsWeird. And of course I did not know anything about photography and my first photos were taken with the automatic mode haha.

Do you still have your first picture?

Maybe not the first one but I can find one 🙂

What are your favorite motifs, rather people or architecture?

I rather prefer to photograph people because I really love connecting with people ! This is one of my passion. Through photography I love to capture the soul of people at a particular moment in their lives. It is important for me to show people without artifice.Photography allows me to remember these moments of life shared with other humans. I love those moments when a person discovers his or her photos and likes himself or herself in the picture. It makes me happy

Better black/white or color and why?

I prefer to photograph in color. It allows me to express the bright side of life. With color, I feel like I can really show life as it is without transformation. Color allows me to anchor a period, a moment of the day. Black and white photography can evoke feelings like melancholy or nostalgia. It can lead to dreams. I like to use black and white from time to time to play with sunlight, shadows and the faces of the people I photograph. With black and white there is a timelessness that I also like.

What do you think of Instagram?

Instagram is like Berlin. I love and hate it at the same time. It’s a beautiful way to connect with people, create opportunities, show who you are and express yourself. However, it’s also a great way if you want to lose confidence and not take action. If you fall into the trap of Instagram, you can compare yourself, consume aimlessly and waste your time. IG can be a real addiction if you are not careful.

What are your role models, if you have any?

I don’t really have a role model. In photography, I like Nan Goldin, Martin Parr, Tom Wood… I am inspired by many people from different backgrounds. All those who continue to believe in their dreams and step out of their comfort zones. I am an idealist and I try to always see the light even in the darkest moments… because the dark moments are also important to create and grow.

What is your favorite blog or website about photography?

British Journal of Photography

What was the last exhibition you visited?

Hummm… I don’t go often to exhibition since 2020. The last museums I visited were the Frida Kahlo Museum and the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

Where have your works been shown before?

Fokus Berlin curated by Marianne Kapfer in the Kühlhaus Berlin was my first and only group exhibition. This was in october 2020.

Can you imagine that your pictures no longer appear in a gallery as print, but only on screens?

Yes, it doesn’t bother me too much since I’ve only done one exhibition. It would be a shame though because I would love to have a solo show one day so that I can see my pictures well printed and framed. My goal in photography is not to be on the side and to be exhibited all over the world. My favorite part of photography is making the pictures and then sharing them. If that happens it would be great, if not it’s totally ok because I have other dreams 🙂

Do you keep all your pictures in RAW format, or do you find this unnecessary in the internet age?

For the silver photos, I kept all my films. For digital, I don’t have the need to have them in RAW for the moment.

Do you still use analog cameras and if so why?

I have almost always photographed with analogue because I really love the whole process, the quality of the photos etc…I love to be surprised and I mostly don’t need to edit them. However, I have decided to invest last summer in a digital SLR. I think it’s important to have both to work with clients. It’s more secure to have a back up and also less expensive ! It’s a different process but my heart goes to analogue photography.